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Name:RAWR_Rogue Adult Writing Refuge
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Writing, Reading, Supporting Writers

RAWR - The Profile

Sexy ideas that yearn to be talked about, specific questions google lacks the (personal) experience to answer, erotic stories that need some enthusiasm and/or criticism to flourish - and really no place where you feel comfortable enough to discuss any of this. Most erotic writers are familiar with this kind of dilemma - and after a certain group of admins faced it once again right before a month-long writing sprint, voila, this community was born.

RAWR - Rogue Adult Writing Refuge wants to offer sanctuary to all adult 18+ writers looking for a community to share stories, bounce ideas, get feedback and support other writers. All genres and experience levels are welcome - we only ask that you respect each other and keep the atmosphere open and positive.

Have a look at the rules [see below] to see how the game is played. Whether you want to post/read stories or excerpts for feedback, to discuss diverse topics, find links to various resources, and/or to participate in writing tasks/writing sprints/group chats - all levels of participation are welcome.

The Rules

This community is intended to provide a space where adult fiction writers feel comfortable to discuss a wide variety of adult topics, post texts/snippets they'd like to get feedback on, and generally have a good and productive time. To achieve this we ask all participants to keep an open and positive mind. Remember: YKINMKBYKIOK [ Fanlore article 'YKINMKBYKIOK' and Wikipedia article 'Constructive criticism']. That includes respecting other people's choice of pairings; any flaming comments will be deleted!

If there are any questions or concerns please contact [personal profile] adeclanfan or any of the other admins/mods [see list below].

  1. Posting/Commenting:

    • Posting and commenting is open to members. Admins and mods will monitor the community. If they see posts or comments that violate the rules they will either ask the author to edit them or they will delete them.

    • Posts with long content and/or media other than text must be put behind a Cut. [Cut tutorial]

    • Posts and comments need to be made in English.

    • Advertising (e.g. books, other communities) require permission from an admin/mod; please contact them directly [see list below].

  2. Content notes:
    [How to do Content notes]

    • All posts need to have content notes. These content notes must contain head-ups for

      • Nonconsensual or dubiously sexual situations or kinks

      • Self-harm or suicide

      or state that 'no standard notes apply'.

    • They should also name the topic you wish to discuss [e.g. a specific kink like 'breathplay' or more open topics like 'how to write XY'].

    • If during the discussion the topic changes or expands please name the new topic in the comment header so people can stop reading if they do not like it.

    • Spoilers up until 10 days after airing/publishing need to be put behind a Cut [Cut tutorial]. Spoilers also include info regarding any upcoming movies, books, comics, audio books, episodes of a series, and other franchise media!

  3. Content allowed:

    • All topics related to adult fiction are allowed. That includes

      • Stories/Excerpts

      • Questions concerning writing and/or story content

      • Recommendations [e.g. books about writing, websites about writing, websites containing relevant information for research]

  4. Content not allowed:

    • It is not allowed to post and discuss incest or underage sexual situations.

  5. Story header:
    [How to do a Story header]

    • Posts containing (parts of) a story need to have a story header. It should contain

      • Author name

      • Disclaimer [fandom or original and respective details]

      • Genre [romance, horror, angst…]

      • Characters/Pairing

      • Category [slash/het/gen/moresome]

      • Content notes [see 2. Content notes]

      • Kind of feedback appreciated [none/cheerleading/serious and constructive criticism/any]

  6. Feedback:

    • When giving feedback please keep the author's wishes in mind. They will have specified in their header whether they wish none/cheerleading/serious and constructive criticism/any. The lines are floating, of course, but please try to offer what the author asked for.
      [Wikipedia article 'Constructive Criticism']

  7. Conflicts and concerns:

    • Mods/admins will have an eye on what goes on and will delete posts/comments if they find something that does not abide the rules and/or is offensive to other participants. They are, however, doing this in their own free time so they might not notice everything instantly. If you see any post/comment that you do not feel comfortable with please contact one of the mods or admins to let them know about it. [personal profile] adeclanfan will usually answer quickly if you have any questions or concerns.

Admins: [personal profile] adeclanfan, [personal profile] campylobacter, [personal profile] elysandra

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